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Ardua by sisters Angelique and Rosey is an NYC-based jewelry brand. Established in 2017 as a passion project under a different name, the girls quickly realized this was more than just a passion. In 2020, Angelique and Rosey decided to combine their love for jewelry, culture, family and fashion to rebrand and create what is now Ardua NYC.

Since the beginning, Ardua has been a reflection of both sisters and their growth. As they continue to grow spiritually, into more confident and happy women, Ardua grows too. That is why all of Ardua's jewelry is created with intention, passion and love. Angelique and Rosey want you to feel your best when wearing their jewelry. They want these pieces to bring out your confidence and compliment your beauty, so you shine like the goddess you truly are!

We're more than just a jewelry brand. We're a relationship brand, and we prefer labels - we're longterm.

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