Delicate, yet chic, Ardua offers an eclectic line of worthy investments created to embody the individual style of the contemporary woman. By combining their own unique styles, A & R have created and curated both classic and on-trend pieces that can be layered together or worn apart. 

Made for you – Since jewelry has always been an outlet of expression, the women behind Ardua understand how important personalization is. That is why most of the styles offered by the brand are customizable.

Quality and Affordability – Ardua offers handcrafted luxury in 14K gold, so your everyday pieces can be passed down as heirlooms in the future. Back by popular demand, Ardua also offers some pieces in sterling silver and gold vermeil, so everyone can afford luxury.


Two sisters with a dream..

to inspire, to make a difference, to start a brand/movement/lifestyle.

We’re real people with real intentions who want to be a part of your everyday lifestyle and more importantly, your magical love story.

What Do We Believe?

In love & magic

At Ardua, we believe everyone deserves magic. 

The kind of magic that moves you, that makes you believe in everything good, that inspires you to be the best version of yourself. The kind of magic that makes you love.

The kind of magic that makes you glow like gold.


To make you feel

More on our love for love...

Our Love is gold love

We want to be a part of your love. We want your love to be magical, we want it to be yours - not like everyone else's.


Custom Bridal